About Me

Look at me, eh? I’m probably thinking about third world debt or something. That’s the kind of guy I am.

People ask me, ‘So, Jamie, what’s your hook?’ But I don’t have a hook. THAT’s my hook. I’m Jamie Andrew. The REAL Jamie Andrew.

In short, I’m a full-time time-waster and general Godless miscreant.

My apologies to any new readers who have come to the site thinking, ‘Aw, this guy writes really sweetly and earnestly about his experiences as a parent. How lovely.This is such a heartwarming site.’ Yes, yes I do write things like that. But I also write some horrid, nightmarish, vile, offensive and blasphemous things. I just want you to go in with both eyes open, newbies. PS: I also rather enjoy the word c**t from time to time (which I don’t usually censor, so look, YOU’RE ALREADY CHANGING ME!!)

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