**GREATEST HITS** – The Best Posts

This is a compilation of the most popular posts since the website’s inception. Just click on the picture/article you fancy and be prepared to be whisked away to a realm of laughter. Or crushing depression.

50 Shades of Shite – a look at the erotic phenomenon.

Grangemouth Gala Day 2012 – a ‘Review’.







RIP, The Farting Preacher – an obituary

A Tale of Pork Pies and Racism – Greggs in the spotlight.

Oh, For Fucked Snake – A tale of snake killing in Turkey.

Space Raiders Killed My Son – A Letter to KP.











A Burns’ night ‘Toast tae the Lassies’, Jamie style.

Derek Acorah and the Michael Jackson seance.

Happy Birthday to Me – another year closer to death.

Skinflats and the Magic Torch – the flame comes to town.

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